How to Submit a Good Essay for College Application

When you complete all application forms and take the necessary tests, it’s finally time to impress the college committee with a great paper. This essay for college application is usually about 500 words, and it can mean the difference between your rejection and acceptance, so don’t take it lightly. Spend long days on researching and writing it, but you have only one chance to impress admissions officers.

What Makes Your College Application Essay Effective?

Any outstanding college application paper should have the following characteristics:

  • Be engaging at the very beginning;
  • Hook all readers;
  • Be personal;
  • Connect with the audience;
  • Reveal something unique about your individuality;
  • Show your grit;
  • Have a sharp focus;
  • Express your intellectual vitality;
  • Show what you value and how you think;
  • Be memorable.

Steps in Writing College Application Essays

Share any personal and interesting story from your life by using these helpful tips:

  • Start with determining some of your defining characteristics, qualities, and core values;
  • Brainstorm any matching incident or moment from the past to illustrate the chosen value, characteristic, or quality;
  • Ensure that this incident or moment involves some evident problem;
  • Craft it into a great anecdote to recreate your real-life story using some fiction-like language;
  • Explain how this incident or moment made you feel;
  • Share enough background for it and provide it with enough context.

In your college application essay, explain how you managed to handle the chosen problem by using these effective writing techniques:

  • Define the steps that you took to solve, manage, or deal with it;
  • Reflect on what inspired you to do it;
  • Explain what you’ve learned in this process.

Explore the importance of the chosen subject or define why it matters that you’ve learned a specific lesson by following these guidelines:

  • Share other examples from your real life where you applied this knowledge and experience;
  • Express how you want to use it in your future endeavors.

How to Make It a Success

Read all instructions of your essay for college application carefully. This step should be highlighted because many students skip it because of the stress and excitement that characterizes this life period. If they fail to follow these application essay guidelines, the committee will assume that they can’t fit a specific college program. Read all prompts a few times and take notes to start creating an outline and organize your application essay properly.

Its Compelling Introduction

Great academic writing is hard to achieve, but this goal is easier if you’re clever about it. Catch readers’ attention by delivering them a great essay introduction. Admissions officers spend only a few minutes to review your application paper, so start with a vivid section to keep them engaged. It should reveal them what other parts are about and draw their interest. Open your essay with any interesting story or anecdotes to show the best parts of your character and individuality.

Use Your Inner Voice

The committee appreciated the quality and authenticity of thinking, so avoid shaping your paper around common ideas or phrases. Base in on your personal genuine beliefs and use this opportunity to impress admissions officers with your existing knowledge and determination. Ensure that your essay is reflects personal ambitions and skills while showing how the chosen college program will help you succeed.

Finally, avoid clichés while researching and writing. Don’t let yourself be influenced by essay examples as you need something to distinguish yourself. Delete any sentence or phrase that sound boring.